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Aircraft technology is the integration of design, analysis, testing and evaluation, and manufacturing of an aircraft and its subsystems.

By nature, it is an R&D-oriented synthetic technology which consists of aeronautical, mechanical, electrical, electronic, and materials engineering.

Also it has technology leading characteristics which have enormous spin-off effects on other industries.

The Korean Helicopter Program (KHP) is to secure the core technologies in the Korean aircraft industry and is aimed at developing the indigenous military utility helicopters by 2012.

As one of three Development Leading Agencies (DLA) for the KHP, KARI is playing a very important role in developing the dual use core components of the helicopter as a part of the Korea Helicopter Technology Enhancement Program.

KARI has developed a canard type general aviation aircraft which is a 4 seat single engine aircraft. As a special project, the so called Smart Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (SUAV) for remote investigation and surveillance has been developed recently.

In addition, the Communication Navigation Surveillance / Air Traffic Management(CNS/ATM) technology is also being intensively developed for future air navigation to enhance flight safety.

The aviation test center is being built in Goheung as an important part of Korea`s aeronautical infrastructure. By 2015, this facility will be expanded to a state-of-the-art Flight Research Center with the addition of flight test equipment, facilities and staffs.